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Palm reading interview Watch Frederique giving an interview on palm reading!


Read Your Own Hands!

I bought your book, and it is the only book where you can see the lines of the palm! It's great, short and simple. Easy to understand.

Ana Beatrice,
University Student

This e-book series provides step-by-step instructions on how to read your own hands or other people's hands, as well as very detailed illustrations, such as prints and drawings.

Read Your Own Hands - with the help of 4 e-books!

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What Should I do with My Life              How to Score with Women
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The Secrets of Your Baby's Hands        Evaluate Your Relationship
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Evaluate your Relationship
Just by Looking at your Hands!

Is she impulsive?
Will he be able to express his love?
Am I dealing with a procrastinator?

This illustrated handbook will help you determine your similarities and differences with your partner, just by looking at both of your hands. Using a very simple technique, explained clearly with many illustrations and step-by-step instructions, you will discover a lot more about your partner. A great way to understand relationships and how opposites attract!

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How to Score with Women
By Reading their Hands Accurately!

It is Saturday night and you went to a ‘Singles Dance’ hoping to meet a nice lady. After eyeing a cute, smiling brunette for a while, you finally mustered the courage to invite her to dance. A slow dance, of course. So far, she seems to enjoy your company. The music is in sync with your heartbeat. The brunette is still smiling. Instead of hitting her with an insipid “do you come here often?” you are ready for something new. While holding her hand, you look at it and say casually “Mmm, that’s interesting...”
She raises an eyebrow.
You then start examining her hand more attentively, rubbing it lightly. You notice it is very soft. So you whisper in her ear: “I can tell you are very sensitive. You feel things very deeply, don’t you?”
Now you have her full attention.
“Do you actually read hands?” she asks, obviously interested.
“A little...” you answer modestly.
And you are right! You know just a little but it’s enough for what you need. Indeed earlier this week you have read How to Score with Women by Reading their Hands Accurately! by Frédérique Herel.

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What Should I Do with my Life?
It's in Your Hands!

Your hands offer a visual representation of your potential and reveal the best path to take. In this abundantly-illustrated handbook with step-by-step instructions, you will learn basic palmistry concepts and you will apply them to your own handprints. For instance, you will be able to find out whether your occupation is right for you, or what your special talents are. Unveil your path to success!

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The Secrets of Your Baby's Hands

So you have a new baby, or maybe you have had one for some time? And now you are dying to know what kind of a little person this one is going to be. This book is for you!

The detailed instructions and numerous illustrations explain features that are common to all babies, as well as specific lines and shapes, sample analyses, and a variety of tables to analyze your own baby's hands.

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