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Face Reading Consultation
combined with a Palm Reading Session

Face reading consultation
If you are interested in a brief face reading consultation combined with a palm reading session by Skype, please let me know before you order your palm reading session.

You can then email both your hand photos and your face photos. Don't forget to read the instructions below so that your photos provide the most accurate reading.

Photos for Face Reading

It would be best if you email at least three (3) recent colour photos of the person being analyzed.

  1. One front view, mouth closed, unsmiling, forehead and ears showing (use hair pins if necessary)
  2. One profile view, mouth closed, unsmiling, ears showing (use hair pins if necessary)
  3. One front or 3/4 view, with usual hairdo, natural smile preferably with teeth showing

The photography techniques below are meant to ensure the most accurate reading. If all the requirements are not met - especially if you are requesting the reading of someone else's face - send whatever photos you have. However, be aware that the reading may not be as accurate.

Photography Techniques

For best results, note the following photography techniques:

  • Photos should be taken at the same level as the subject. Perspective angles above and below the horizontal are not recommended as they distort the proportions of the face and features.
  • The person in the photo should be alone, not in a group shot.
  • Please make sure the face on the photo is large enough to be clearly visible.
  • Posed shots are better than action shots.
  • Lighting should be preferably natural. Make sure that lines and wrinkles are clearly visible.
  • If you wear glasses, please remove them for the photo.
  • Preferably send your photos in .jpg format. But .tif, .bmp and .png formats are also acceptable.
  • Your photos should be large enough to show details (minimum width of 1000 pixels), but make sure that your whole email is no more than 5 megs.