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Celine Dion
Singer, Song Writer, Composer

A teen star turned into an international superstar, Celine Dion is a Canadian singer whose vocal range spans five octaves.

While I couldn’t find any handprint of Celine, I run into many photos of her hands, even if they are not showing any details of her palms. My analysis is therefore based on the shape of her hands and fingers. Celine is right-handed, so all the illustrations of this article show her right hand.

Celine Dion's flexible hand
A very flexible hand
She has a long palm and long fingers. While Celine is very active, thinking is of the utmost importance to her and she lives a lot in her head.

Much of her success is based on her very strong thumb, which is long and balanced. The logic phalange is equal to the will phalange: first she thinks, and then she acts.

One of the photos shows how flexible her whole hand is. Her fingers are actually bending over backwards… and so is she! She is very reluctant to say ‘no’ and she is gentle and vulnerable to outside influences. I believe she is aware of her weakness and this is why in her business life, she surrounds herself with family members she can trust, especially her manager/husband who is much older than her (a safe father figure).

Celine Dion's studio recording
Studio recording
One very interesting feature is the fact that her middle finger and her ring finger are almost always held together. Her ring finger is at the right place; it is her middle finger that is not in the middle! The middle finger – also called Saturn – stands for wisdom and discernment but, in her case, it is overwhelmed but the ring finger, representing her outstanding success. She can’t believe it. She is actually scared, even helpless, and needs her audiences and fans to feel complete.

Celine Dion's singing on stage
Singing on stage
In a recent interview with Larry King, after the birth of her twins, Celine shared: “It’s wonderful to be wanted and be loved again!” as if she needed this love to survive. I think this why she pushes herself so hard. For example, she performed the same night her father died and dedicated the show to him.

Finally, three out of four pictures show Celine’s hand wide open. On those pictures, she is either singing or interacting with the media (at Caesar’s Palace) and she is totally happy and open.

Celine Dion waving
Waving to photographers
On the picture where her fingers are held close, she was on her way to get her hair done and, while she waved obediently to the photographers – she can’t say ‘no’ – she was not ready to open up, and her hand shows it.

Based on my research, Celine’s vulnerability and kindness are the qualities that bring her so close to her audiences and make her so successful. She is able to touch the heart of millions of spectators because they are feeling just like her, and her success inspires them. This should be any star’s purpose: showing the light and... the Power of Love!