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David Beckham
International Soccer Star

 David Beckham’s right hand print
David Beckham’s right hand print
Since I have found a relatively good hand print of soccer – or ‘football’, as they say on the other side of the Atlantic! – star David Beckham, this is the one I am referring to in this article.

What catches my attention is the balance of this hand: balance in 1) the finger length compared with the palm width; 2) the opining of the thumb; 3) the phalanges of the thumb; 4) the spacing of the fingers; and 5) the three major lines. No wonder he chose to title his autobiography “Both Feet on the Ground.”

More specifically:
1. The middle finger of Saturn (thinking) is as long as the palm width of Mars (action), meaning that David Beckham is thinking and then acting in a very structured way.
2. The thumb makes a 45-degree angle with the rest of the hand; therefore David Beckham is neither an introvert nor an extrovert, but something in between.
3. The two phalanges of the thumb are equal in length. When he makes a decision, David Beckham first uses his reasoning (bottom phalange), then he exercises his will (nail phalange) in a coordinated fashion.
3. Rarely are the four fingers so evenly spaces from each other than in Beckham’s hand print. It means that no specific area of his personality and expression takes over the rest.
5. Finally, the three major lines are ideally spaced and located. They all have the same thickness and are all nicely curved. It reveals harmony between the body, the mind and the emotions.

 David Beckham’s inked hand
David Beckham’s inked hand
Those five features give me a very positive impression of this famous British athlete. But since nobody is perfect, I have to mention a few hand features that are less balanced.

The area of Mars negative exhibits two “bumps” between the thumb and the index finger. Those bumps, which can only be seen on a print, not on a photo, imply frustration that has yet to be resolved, i.e. issues that he hasn’t been able to let go of.

On the fingers, the middle phalange of the Jupiter, Saturn and Sun fingers are thicker than the other phalanges. This means he lends a lot of importance to what others think of him and to his social position. This can be expected from a man who married at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland where the newlyweds were sitting on golden thrones and 437 staff were employed for the wedding reception!

 David Beckham waving his left hand
David Beckham waving his left hand
Even though the Sun finger is long, it tends to curve towards the Saturn finger. So the desire to shine and share is offset by a sense of seriousness, which causes him a certain apprehension to enjoy himself spontaneously. This could be because of his humble beginnings before he became an international star.

Despite those few features, the positive aspects of the hand shine through and indicate that David Beckham is a very balanced individual with a very nice personality. And this is on top of his extraordinary athletic talent, of course.