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Emotional Problems:
How to identify them on your hands
and remove them from your life

An island on any line of the hand represents an energy blockage or a period of confusion. On the destiny line – i.e. the vertical line going towards the middle finger – you could attract hate or envy in your work environment.

Lynn was an attractive, smart, and highly capable manager. But, because of unresolved childhood issues, she was also very insecure. In order to feel more assertive, she used to wear short and tight dresses that drew people’s attention but were not deemed appropriate in an old-fashioned office environment. Therefore, people talked behind her back, mostly women who both envied and despised her.

Emotional Problems - An example on the hand
Before and After prints showing how Lynn's island disappeared
(Click on picture to view a larger version in a new window)

Thanks to palmistry, Lynn became aware of her buried issues, and of the effect her behaviour had on her co-workers. She started working on her issues as well as wearing more professional attires. In the process, her popularity increased and the island on her destiny line disappeared.

Emotional Problems - Sadness
When people experience emotional problems, they typically go and see a psychologist or a counsellor.

However, psychotherapy is often based on what the client shares or remembers, and the root of an emotional problem usually takes a long time to be discovered.

Emotional Problems - Anger
With palmistry, the problem – not the event – is usually visible from the start, based on the hand prints. Whether you experience difficulties with depression, anxiety, anger, teenagers, work or relationships, a good palmist will help you deal with the root cause in order to help the emotional problem go away.

If the problem is not very deep, it could be solved in just a few sessions. If you learn to keep the unwanted behaviour at bay, following the palmist’s advice, the issue won’t come back.

If you are not interested in long-term therapy, you can always come for one diagnostic session and work on the problem on your own. The advice you receive will be long-lasting.

Hand print: a visual result
The palmist will help you along the way, and you will be able to see the results on your own hands. How many therapies dealing with emotional problems can actually show you visual results?

Besides, because of the stigma attached to psychotherapy, it may be easier to visit a palmist than a psychotherapist!

Come with an open mind and a strong desire to improve, and we will help you get better!

If you have emotional problems and want them identified on your hands so you can remove them from your life, book a session here.

Please be aware that emotional problems can only be identified on hand prints.
If you are planning to have a telephone or Skype session based on photos, this service is not available.
However, if you are seriously looking for therapy, a print-taking kit can be mailed to you for a fee ($10 US), and you can then send your hand prints by regular mail, or send scanned copies by email.