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Future Predictions vs Future Creation
Should you predict your future, or should you create it?

Palm reading is often equated to future predictions, and palmists to fortune tellers. While many palm readers focus on forecasting the future, I strongly believe they can be much more useful if they help their clients create their future.

Future predictions leave you in a position where you just have to accept your destiny, and you can't do anything about it.

On the contrary, future creation makes you the master of your own destiny. You are in charge, and this is likely to boost your self-esteem.

Away from Future Predictions...

The few examples below illustrate why I am against future predictions - even when they are accurate. Whether it is his intention or not, the palmist is often perceived as an authority who is to be trusted. The words he utters can have an unexpected power.

To Die or Not to Die

When he was 18, Danny went to visit a palmist. After looking at his hands, she told him he was going to die at the age of 28. Danny took her seriously. For the next 10 years, convinced he would die soon, he stopped caring about his future, left school and spent extravagantly.

At the age of 28, Danny did not die. Instead, he was arrested for trafficking drugs and spent 18 months in jail. The palmist had been almost right: it was a symbolic death, not a physical one. Only when he was released did Danny start living, but he had developed bad habits that were very hard to break.

Of course, the palmist was not responsible for Danny's choices and for the jail sentence. However, what if, ten years ago, she had advised him on how to use his talents to live the best possible life, instead of focusing on a negative event?

Ten Years of Difficulties... Vanished!

Future predictions don't have to be taken at their face value. Many years ago, after studying my hand prints, my palmistry teacher told me: "For the next ten years, you are probably going to go through some hard times. But don't worry, you will have the strength to overcome any obstacle." He went on to show me the various strengths I could utilize in order to deal with any hardship.

About six months later, my prints were taken again, and I reminded him of what he had said about my next 10 years. He analyzed the 'before' and 'after' prints and smiled: "Look, all the interference lines have disappeared. You have changed your attitude so you don't need all these obstacles to learn your lesson. You can forget about the ten years of obstacles!"

He was right. I had definitely changed my future.

...Toward Future Creation

Keeping away from future predictions, I have personally helped many of my clients create a different future for themselves.

Never Too Late to Teach

Kate had been an administrative assistant for 30 years. While she hated her job, she had never thought she could do anything else.

When, after looking at her hand prints, I asked her: "Have you ever thought of being a teacher?", she stared at me dumbfounded before replying: "All my life!" It had been her secret dream, but her low self-esteem had not allowed her to admit it to anyone, even to herself. I proceeded to show her where I could see this talent on her hands and assured her she would be very good at it.

With renewed energy, she began to inquire about teaching opportunities. A few months later, she wrote to me that, since she had raised four children, she could enrol in a special program that would train her to teach young children. She was overjoyed. Her hidden talent was finally brought into the daylight!

A Financial Advisor turned Poet

John is a very serious, quiet and reliable financial advisor. When I analyzed his hand prints, I was surprised to find a wealth of unused artistic creativity. I strongly advised him to find a creative way to express to the world all the beauty he felt inside.

The last time he came to see me, he was radiating and he appeared a lot more outgoing than before. He confided that he had started to write poetry, loved it and had just entered one of his poems into a poetry contest. I don't know whether he won anything at the contest, but John is definitely a winner!

Create your Future

I could provide many more examples showing that the opportunity to create a better future is a lot more rewarding that future predictions.

If you are interested in creating your own future, try a Palm Reading Session and you will see that your life is in your hands!