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Mahatma Gandhi
Indian leader, Pioneer of nonviolent protest

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi, is the father of the Indian independence movement. While most of his hand pictures over the Internet are a bit fuzzy, they still reveal interesting details on his personality.

Mahatma Gandhi’s hands Mahatma Gandhi’s hands

First, the palm is very square. Usually, a square hand is found on people who are very down to earth and organized, such as accountants. Gandhi used to be a lawyer and, although he was a very spiritual being, his actions were always well reasoned, coordinated and practical.

The palm is square but the fingers are pointed, denoting an emotional nature, which is probably what motivated him to make decisions such as hunger strikes.

Interestingly, even though his body didn’t seem to matter too much to Gandhi, his hands show very round mounts of Luna and Venus, indicating a highly physical nature. Reportedly, before he took a vow of celibacy at the age of 37, he was constantly preoccupied with erotic urges. And even afterwards, he wrote that his struggle to remain pure was “like walking on the sword’s edge.”

Another feature worth mentioning is Gandhi’s broad fingernails, revealing a strong nervous system. He would have never been able to achieve this much if he had been prone to nervousness. Instead, his fingernails offered him a good protection against personal attacks and the ability to persist despite many obstacles.

Gandhi’s right hand
Gandhi’s right hand
But, in my opinion, the most striking feature of his hands is the particularly short Jupiter finger, in comparison with his long Sun Finger. The role of this finger is best illustrated by this anecdote. One day, Gandhi was invited to a Governor’s reception. He was specifically asked not to wear his usual loincloth, but to dress appropriately for the reception. Undaunted by this request, Gandhi didn’t attend the reception but sent his suit instead. Among other things, the Jupiter finger represents the ability to abide by the social rules. With such a short Jupiter finger, Gandhi was not blocked by those rules.

All those features show how the strong hands of such a frail looking man allowed him to change the course of history.