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The Three Major Hand Lines

Basically, the major hand lines represent physical energy (life line), mental energy (head line) and emotional energy (heart line) or, in simple terms, body, mind and soul. They are found on every hand, even if the heart line and head line are sometimes merged into one line, called the simian line.

Video lesson: The 3 Major Lines
by Frédérique Herel

The purpose of this article is to give you some basic information about each line, without going into too much detail. Your own hand lines may be different from what I have chosen to cover here, but most of the time, the following explanations will give you a good start in palm reading.

As a general rule that will help you interpret hand lines, remember that:
• Curved lines are seeking harmony and are flexible, and
• Straight lines are seeking order and are more rigid.

The Life Line

As shown on the illustration, the life line starts between the thumb and the forefinger and encircles the ball of the thumb towards the wrist.
This line, which deals with the way you apply your energy, is most frequently long and round, short, or diagonal.

The Life Line
The Life Line
If the line is continuous and round, without any break, you probably have a very harmonious physical life, and are happy to “go with the flow”.

If the line is rather short, it doesn’t mean you are going to die at a young age; it just means that there will be a time in your life when you will use your body in a different and less physical fashion than before, maybe because of a change in activity (from active to sedentary), the cessation of an occupation (retirement), or anything else that would modify the use of the body.

If the line is more straight than curved, you may have a tendency to go against the current and to hold on to things instead of letting go.

If the line is really diagonal, finishing on the other side of the hand, life will be seen more as a struggle and the need for excitement may be a big part of your life.

For more information on the life line, read The Life Line, the way we use and manage our life force.

The Head Line

The second of the major hand lines is the head line, which crosses the middle of the palm horizontally. It reveals your ability to think rationally, to make decisions, to use your intelligence. It doesn’t show intelligence in itself – i.e., a long head line is not necessarily smarter than a short head line – but it shows how you apply it.

The Head Line
The Head Line
To simplify things, just check whether the line is long or short, curved or straight.

With a long head line, i.e., when the line ends below the baby finger, you won’t hesitate to try new things or take risks and will have a sense of purpose. You could even be very smart!

If the head line is short, i.e., if it terminates under the ring finger or even before, you will be more tempted to surround yourself with visible signs of security such as material possessions, money (more greed than need), a job that you may not like, etc.

A slightly curved head line shows flexibility of the mind. You are probably a good listener and able to react well to others’ opinions.

Finally, a very straight head line tends to make you unyielding. You may have a tendency to resist others’ ideas.

The Heart Line

Located just under the base of the fingers, the heart line shows emotions and feelings. A typical heart line could be long and curving upward, long and curving down, round and reaching between the index finger and the middle finger, or short.

The Heart Line
The Heart Line
A long, continuous heart line that curves upward to reach the mount under the index finger (as shown on the illustration) indicates a great ability to love and express love with spontaneity. You have an open, sincere, and emotionally sound temperament.

If the line is long but it goes down towards the thumb, love will be more rational, i.e., you will need reasons to love and may expect a lot from your partner.

If your heart line is round and reaches between the index finger and the middle finger, you tend to be sentimental and you need to make sure your decisions are not ruled by your emotions.

When the line is short, i.e. it stops under the middle finger, or even the ring finger, you may be reluctant to show your feelings. You have a preference for physical passion, comfort, and sensual pleasures, over emotional depth.

Remember this is only a very brief presentation of the three major hand lines, which can take many, many forms and provide a lot more information than what I am presenting here.

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