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Hand Prints for the Practice Test

Based on the information provided here, study the following hand prints:

1. Which fingers have spatulate, square, or conic fingertips?
2. How would these shapes be reflected in the different areas of this person's life?
3. How is the angle of the thumb with the rest of the hand? What does it mean?
4. How wide are the bottom phalanges of the fingers on the whole hand? How important is the body to this person?

When you look at this hand print, can you get a feeling of how this person behaves? Look at the many lines. Are they clear, broken, double? Are the fingers straight? Are they spaced evenly?

Now, look at this one and ask yourself the same questions. Check the lines. Are they generally continuous or interrupted?
What kind of feeling do you get from this print as opposed to the first one?

After doing your own analysis of those two hand prints, read the Quiz Results and see how accurate you were!