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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hand Reading Sessions

How long are your sessions (in-person)?
The consultation lasts one hour, plus about 15 minutes of print-taking. I take two sets of prints and you get to keep one set with all the notes I write during the session.

Can my friend and I do a palm reading session together?
I prefer to see people separately, because I usually invest a lot of energy in each of my readings. Also, the session is very personal and I adapt my style to the type of hand I am reading. There are two exceptions: 1) when the client is a child, the parent can attend, 2) when the session is a Relationship Reading.

What is the difference between an Individual Reading and a Relationship Reading?
An Individual Reading is for one person. A Relationship Reading focuses on the relationship between two people, i.e., couple, mother-daughter, etc.)

What is covered in an Individual Reading?
An Individual Reading includes a brief description of your hands' most obvious features, your main - and sometimes unexploited - qualities, as seen on your hands, areas of your life you may wish to give more attention to in order to feel more balanced and be happier.
Topics that may be covered: your general talents, areas you may want to focus on (i.e. what you should do in your life, types of studies or jobs you would be good at), what to do in case of specific weaknesses detected, stress level, energy level, anger vs. serenity, fears in different areas, clarity vs. confusion, etc.
(Note: many of those features can only be seen on hand prints)
Topics that will NOT be covered: health issues, fortune-telling, decisions to make, specific events, whether past or future

What is covered in a Relationship Reading?
A Relationship Reading includes a brief description of the most obvious features on both sets of hands, an evaluation of similarities between the two partners, i.e. areas of "smooth sailing", an assessment of the most obvious differences, i.e. areas needing special attention, advice on how to deal with differences

Can you tell me when I will meet my future husband, whether my business is going to succeed, how many children I will have, etc.?
I can't tell you about specific events. However I can help you find, in your hands, talents, qualities and tendencies that will help you succeed in business and in life.

How do you take hand prints for the telephone/Skype session?
I don't take hand prints. I look at photos of hands. It is not as effective, but it works.

Why do you prefer working on hand prints instead of photos?
I can see a lot more details on prints, than on photos. The more details I can see, the more accurate I can be.

I noticed you now offer some Vedic astrology as part of your palmistry sessions. How does it help?
Vedic astrology is also known as Indian astrology. Based on your birthdate, time and place, I could tell you which period of your life (types of challenges or opportunities) you are presently going through, what type of mission you are born for, why you may experience difficulties, as well as many other insights. Those insights should also be confirmed by your hands.

I sent an inquiry through your website a week ago, and I still haven't received a reply. Are you reading your mail?
If I am home, I answer right away - as long as your query is related to palmistry. However, I travel a lot. If you don't receive an answer within a day or two, I may be on a voyage without any access to my email. So please, be patient!