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Hand Reading Sessions

Samples of Astro-Palmistry Sessions as Recorded Videos


What I WILL do for you

Your astrological birth chart
By analyzing your birth chart, I will tell you what skills and talents you were born with (i.e. what is easy for you); what challenges you chose before you were born, so that you can develop specific strengths and qualities (i.e. what is more difficult for you).

Comparing your birth chart with your hands
By looking at your hands, I will see how you are using your birth chart. What is working well? What areas of your life need more attention? Where have you been able to turn your challenges into strengths?

Creating the best future possible
As Wendy Walker wrote, "Seeing the future is a worthless gift if you don't have the power to change it." I can never tell what will happen in the future but, by showing you how to transform your weaknesses into opportunities, I will give you the power to create the best future possible!

Meaning of specific lines or signs
I will answer specific questions you may have on the meaning of lines or signs on your hands, as long as you clearly identify them on your photos/prints. Again, don’t expect any predictions.

Changing your hands
By changing your attitudes and behaviours, you may change your lines… but it is not a sure thing! For instance, you may have a short heart line, so you decide to change your attitude towards love. While your goal is to lengthen your heart line, you may instead see changes in your head line, or your mount of Moon, or the quality of your life line, etc. Those are all very beneficial changes and you will be happier, even though your heart line hasn’t changed at all. Therefore, your hands may change -- or not -- based on your change of attitude, but the desired result will be more balance and/or more happiness.

What I will NOT do for you

No predictions
It may surprise you but, unlike most palmists, I don’t make predictions. Lines change all the time so I cannot tell whether you will get married, re-married, or when you will find your soulmate; whether or not you will have children, or grandchildren, and how many; whether you will find a job, win the jackpot, buy a house, or move to another country. Don't ask me, because I don't know!

Only the Birla Method
I cannot combine different types of palmistry. You may have been told that two union lines mean two partners, or that a short life line will lead to an early death, or that a star sign will make you a millionaire. But this is not what I believe! I am following the Birla method because it has never failed me and I only mention features that have been tested time and time again.

Session Types

Choose below the type of hand reading session you want, and contact me.

1. In-Person Hand Reading - If you live in the Toronto/Oakville/Hamilton area, in Ontario, Canada, and you want to come for a session, click here.

2. Recorded Video Session - You can order a Recorded Video Session anywhere in the world! Click here

3. Follow-Up Session - Only available to clients who previously ordered a Recorded Video Session. For more information, contact me.

Please note: Online Sessions -- through Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp -- are NO LONGER available for new clients.

1. In-Person Hand Reading

This in-person reading includes print-taking (about 20 minutes) and a face-to-face session (one hour). You get to keep a copy of your handprints with all the notes I write for you during the session. The prints will help you remember your talents and areas of improvement. They will also allow you to chart your progress later on, when new prints are taken.

Fee for an In-Person Hand Reading: $150

Contact me to request an In-Person Reading.

2. Recorded Video Session

A Recorded Video Session is usually in two parts, 30 to 60 minutes long in total, and saved in mp4 format. Both parts will be sent to you via a link where you can download the files. The benefit of this solution is that you have a permanent recording you can watch repeatedly. If you intend to have another session in the future in order to see how your hands have changed over time, taking handprints - as opposed to photos - is the only way to identify changes.

After contacting me to request a Recorded Video Session, send either handprints or photos of your hands following the instructions here. I will also require your birth date, time and place.
Your video will be ready a few days after you send your handprints/photos. After watching your recorded session, you will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions by email.

Fee for a Recorded Video Session: $150 USD

Contact me to request a Recorded Video Session, or to ask for more details.

Client Feedback

"First let me say that I am beyond impressed and grateful with your fantastic reading (THANK YOU!) and you are 100% correct..."
M.G., United States

"The videos are pretty accurate and very enlightening!
It's amazing how you were able to see my anxiety show up as many little lines."
M.C., United States

"I am so very grateful to you for your explanation.
I do not know what and how to express to you. I cannot thank you enough!!!"
K.P., Australia

"Thank you for a great reading. From one soul to another..."
N.M., United States

"I'm so excited! Thank you again for what you do and sharing it with the rest of us!"
J.P., United States

"Thank you so much for all your advice. This is what I was looking for :) It helps a lot with my emotional anxiety (exactly how you described it)"
M.B., United States

"I first want to say, thank you. These videos were worth every penny!
Thank you so much, you have given me so much clarity."
T.S., United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for all your comments and advice, I think it came to me at the right moment in life and it gave me the strength to continue. It gave me a lot of introspection and acceptance."
A.M., Bolivia

"Thanks for the reading. It was very thorough."
L.B., Canada