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Palm reading interview Watch Frederique giving an interview on palm reading!


Hand Reading Sessions

Choose below the type of hand reading session you want, and contact me.

What you can expect at an In-Person Hand Reading Session

1. In-Person Hand Reading - If you live in the Toronto/Oakville/Hamilton area, in Ontario, Canada, and you want to come for a session, click here.
2. Skype Hand Reading - If you live far away from Oakville, you may consider a reading by Skype (available worldwide). Click here.
3. Events and Parties - If you are organizing an event and want to hire a palm reader, click here.

1. In-Person Hand Reading

This in-person reading involves print-taking (about 20 minutes) and a face-to-face session (one hour). You get to keep a copy of your handprints with all the notes I write for you during the session. The prints will help you remember your talents and areas of improvement. They will also allow you to chart your progress later on, when new prints are taken. For more details, please refer to this Hand Reading FAQ.

Fee for In-Person Hand Reading: $120
Contact me to request an In-Person Reading.

What did Susan think of her session?

2. Skype Hand Reading

This one-hour session is done by Skype and can be based either:
- on photos (check Digital Photo Requirements by scrolling down) or
- on handprints (click here to order a print-taking kit)

Contact me to request a Skype Hand Reading. Pay the fee once your appointment has been confirmed.

If you have the patience to order a print-taking kit and to send your prints for analysis, you can have your Skype session done based on handprints. The handprint analysis will be a lot more accurate than a photo analysis. It will also offer an opportunity to see changes if you decide to have your prints taken again later on. (Changes are a lot more difficult to see on photos.) Be aware that the print-taking kit represents an extra cost. Click here to order your print-taking kit.

Fee for a Skype Hand Reading: $120 to be paid online by credit card or Paypal
Make your purchase only AFTER you have contacted me and have emailed your photos (or ordered your print-taking kit).

$120 USD

Digital Photo Requirements for a Skype Hand Reading

Three (3) samples of both hands are required for the reading. Please read those instructions carefully BEFORE you take the pictures.

First sample
First sample:
- Put your hand flat on a surface in a position that is natural for you (i.e. the fingers can be separated or held together depending on what feels right for you.) Take a photo of the back of your hand (preferably without nail polish or fake nails).

Second sample

Second sample:
- Hold your hand up, with your fingers straight, so that the photo shows the inside of your palms and your fingers.

Third sample

Third sample:
- Take a close-up picture of your palm. Make sure it shows all details (including skin ridges and small lines). Don't send any blurry pictures.

Important Tips for Photos

- Both hands can be on the same photo, or you can take a photo of each hand separately.
- The hands need to be well lighted, but not too brightly, otherwise the lines will be washed out. Soft side lighting usually shows the most details. Click here for a sample of the level of detail required.
- Make sure the camera is perpendicular to the hand, so that the length of the fingers is not distorted.
- Do not get the camera too close to the hand, which may make the picture fuzzy or distorted. Instead, use the zoom.
- Your photos should be large enough to show details (minimum width of 1000 pixels), but make sure that your whole email is no more than 10 megs.
- When sending your photos, indicate whether you are right- or left-handed, i.e. the hand you use to sign documents.