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Length of the Heart Line

The Heart Line E-Course

Length of the Heart Line
The heart line stands for love, charisma and emotional energy. It shows our ability to love and to be loved. The study of the heart line reveals how we connect with people, how we express - or not - our emotions, why we may have relationship problems and what we can do to enhance our love life and our power of attraction.

The Heart Line E-Course will allow you to analyze accurately your own heart line, as well as all of the heart lines you will come in contact with. It also includes advice on how to improve a challenging heart line.

Sample of the lesson "Differences between Right and Left Hands"

The Heart Line E-Course consists of 10 online video lessons on the following topics:

Length of the Heart Line
1. The Meaning of the Major Lines
2. The Ideal Heart Line
3. The Quadrangle
4. The Length of the Heart Line
5. The Shape of the Heart Line
6. The Origin of the Heart Line
7. The Quality of the Heart Line
8. Special Cases
9. Differences between Right and Left Hands
10. How to Improve your Heart Line

Registration to this e-course provides access to the above online video lessons.

Sample of the lesson "The Origin of the Heart Line"

The Heart Line E-Course also includes 9 videos covering Palm Reading Basics, such as an introduction to the mounts, which hand to study, the length of the fingers, the fingernails, the skin, etc.

Please note:
- You need an Internet connection to watch the videos.
- The videos cannot be downloaded.
- This is not a certification course.
- There are no study manuals, no tests: just very clear videos.

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