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How to Read Palms:
Case Studies and Articles

If you want to know how to read palms, the following case studies and articles will give you a general idea of the type of information hands can reveal. To help you locate a specific mount or line alluded to in the articles, check the Hand Maps.

In order to understand yourself better, you may want to try a Palm Reading Session, which can be done by telephone, Skype or in person.

The following case studies and articles on how to read palms are available on this website: How to Read Palms

My Palmistry Teachers from the Birla Center
Emotional Problems How to identify them on your hands and remove them from your life
"Change" A Program to Create New Lines and a New Life
How to Read Hand Gestures Conscious or Subconscious
Types of Handshakes: How to Give Them. How to Read Them
Face Reading: A Complement to Palm Reading
The Meaning of the Five Fingers
Career Personality Test based on Hand Types
Hand Reflexology: A Great Complement to Hand Reading
The Life Line: The way we use and manage our Life Force
Royal Weddings: The position of the Thumb during the Royal Wave
Fingernail Health: A quick nail diagnosis
Self Diagnosis based on your Fingers: Rings, accidents and white spots
How to Read Fingernails based on nail shapes
The Three Major Hand Lines: Life Line, Head Line, Heart Line, what do they mean?
Hands in Ancient Sculpture: How were hands represented in antiquity?
Can You Change your Life? Yes, the proof is in your hands!
Test your Palm Reading Skills: Learn to read prints and try the quiz
Compatibility: not a sure thing! Soul mate compatibility is a universal goal to anyone looking for love, but with no guarantee!
Opposites attract... at first! We are all looking for some sort of love compatibility, but our natural tendency is to search for our opposite
Losing a Finger: A hand injury can be a blessing in disguise
Are your thumbs compatible? If you are looking for a quick compatibility test, just look at your thumbs
Hand Exercises: Exercises and massage based on palmistry can help you on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels
Create your future, don't predict it: While many palm readers focus on predictions, they can be much more useful if they help their clients create their future
Social Influence: The Skunk and the Rose How social influence writes itself in your hands

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How to Read Palms