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Kate Middleton
Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William’s Wife

Kate Middleton married Prince William on April 29, 2011 (check Royal Weddings article) and she is now one of the most photographed persons in the world.

Comparing her hands to Princess Diana’s in my Diana and Kate article, I had mentioned Kate's long Sun finger - revealing how she likes to shine and share - and the unusual shape of her baby finger - linked to her childhood.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton
Another feature of her baby finger is that it is set lower than the other fingers. Usually, this would suggest an extremely close bond with her father. Since the strange shape of this finger denotes that she may have suffered from rejection and abandonment in her childhood, there seems to be some untold story in this area. However, at this time, not enough information has been made public on Kate Middleton’s past to confirm those indications.

Kate Middleton waves
Kate Middleton waves
Because her palm is longer than it is wide, the Duchess of Cambridge is more in her head than in her body, which means that she processes her life in her mind before she acts. Her fingers are long, especially compared with the width of her palm, denoting her analytical mind. She thinks before she speaks.

Her curving heart line almost reaches between her index and her middle finger, showing a sentimental nature that may not be able to express appreciation and affection spontaneously.

The quadrangle, i.e. the area formed by the head line and the heart line, is getting narrower halfway through as the head line (rational thinking) seems to be pulled toward the heart line (emotions). Kate may spend a period of her life when she will feel emotionally vulnerable and reactive. The heart line shows a branch that links itself to the head line. It reveals that, around the age of 30-35, she may be compelled to make a dramatic move in her personal life, regardless of implications. We'll have to wait and see!

The famous sapphire ring
The shape of Kate Middleton’s fingernails is not characteristic enough to indicate a specific personality trait, but I enjoy admiring the famous 18-carat blue sapphire ring originally worn by Diana!
Her head line and her life line are joined at the start, indicating a strong family influence, especially in her values. This strong influence looks like it lasted until she was 15-18. Those two lines start relatively high on the hand, again showing her cerebral and analytical nature.

Finally, her long and strong-willed thumb displays an interesting feature called “sankalp pul.” It is the bridge between the two phalanges of the thumb (will and logic). When a clear sankalp pul is present on the thumb, the person will never lack money and... we already knew that! Way to go, Kate!