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The Life Line
The way we use and manage our life force

I briefly covered the life line in my article on The Three Major Hand Lines on this website. However, since I firmly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, I am presenting here a series of illustrations showing different aspects of the life line.

I will explain the meaning of a round line, a straight line, the origin of the line, a short line, the Guardian Angel line and an irregular line.

The life line starts between the thumb and the forefinger and encircles the ball of the thumb towards the wrist. It deals with the way we apply our energy. You may want to think of it as a root. It gives stability to our mind and nourishment to our body. It indicates the way we use and manage our life force. It shows our attitude and potential to flow with or against the current of life. Is life a constant challenge that we need to face? Or are we using our energy wisely and learning in the process? Do we relate harmoniously with people around us, or do we tend to resist?

Round Life Line

A round and clear line, which encircles the mount of Venus, is the healthiest type of life line to have. The energy is circulating easily without any break. The person is happy to go with the flow and has an inclination to live harmoniously.

Straight Life Line

On this illustration, the life line is straight instead of surrounding the mount of Venus. The energy is not contained and flowing harmoniously. On the contrary, it is escaping to the mount of Luna. The person is more easily distracted by too many priorities. With such a line, one often feels the need to resist, instead of letting go and accepting life. If the person is not aware of it, family and friends usually are!

Origin of life line separated from head line

When there is a gap between the origin of the life line and the head line, it indicates a sense of freedom and independent thinking. However, this intensity and enthusiasm may lead to a lack of empathy and a tendency to be insensitive in relationships. A person with this formation should always try to put himself or herself in other people’s shoes.

Life line joined to head line at origin

Conversely, in this case we see the two lines joined at their origin. Considered to be a sign of wisdom, this formation is associated with great sensitivity, especially during the period corresponding to the joined part (childhood). Those years are usually characterized by self-questioning. The separation brings freedom and an ability to be sensitive to the needs of others. Therefore, this formation is often seen on the hands of healing professionals.

Short Life Line

Here we have typical examples of the dreaded short life line! No need to worry: it doesn’t indicate the person is going to die young! It just means that there will be a time in your life when you will use your body in a different and less physical fashion than before, maybe because of a change in activity (from active to sedentary), the cessation of an occupation (retirement), or anything else that would modify the use of the body. As you can see on the illustrations, even though the life line stops, the destiny line – or any other line - usually takes over and keeps the person going.

Guardian Angel Line

Also called Support Line or Mars Assistant Line, the guardian angel line runs parallel to the life line, on the mount of Venus. It acts as a secondary life line and provides reserves of stamina. It shows that people are willing to help you. In the first illustration above, you can see this line helping during the break of the life line. In the second case, the different parallel lines indicate that you may attract people whose attitudes may be in conflict with yours. If you can learn from them, you will become more open and positive.

Irregular Life Line

When the life line is difficult to see because there are too many segments to take into account, the person’s life is probably reflecting this picture. Confusion, conflicts, struggle, resistance, fears may be present on a regular basis. In this case, meditation and counselling may help.

If you are concerned about what you find in your hands – and in your life – a hand reading session may help you clarify how you are feeling, where you are heading and what you want to accomplish. Remember that it is always possible to change, and your lines will reflect this change, because your life is your hands!