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Love Compatibility:
Opposites attract... at first!

We are all looking for some sort of love compatibility, but our natural tendency is to search for our opposite. Just like a magnet, we are generally much more attracted to the other extreme of who we are. Therefore, a quiet person prefers a talkative partner, a dreamer looks for a doer, a lifeless person attracts a frantic one, etc.

The problem is that once we realize that our "perfect" match is not like us, we do everything we can to make him or her more like us, or we get very angry at seeing our opposite reflection.

The case of love compatibility is very obvious in the the following example.

Chrissie and Yuri: Silk and Sandpaper
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How compatible are these two people? These two prints offer a typical example of what happens in many relationships. Chrissie's hand is on the left, and Yuri's on the right.

If you look at the texture - which consists of all the many tiny ridges all over the hand - you will notice that hers is very fine, and his is very coarse.

Because of her very fine texture (which makes the print blacker since the ridges are so close together), she tends to be overly sensitive and to take everything personally.

Because of his coarse texture (the ridges are wider and farther apart from each other), he is more blunt in his approach and doesn't realize he may hurt others, and especially her.

Yuri and Chrissie were together for 6 years, in an on again off again relationship. Even though they loved each other very much, their totally different reactions resulted in constant fights ("How could you say that to me?" and "I can't open my mouth without you complaining about me!"). They ended up breaking up.

The fingers show that Chrissie is more dignified and more concerned about how she appears to others (stronger forefinger) while Yuri loves to share and is very charismatic (stronger ring finger). He also likes to have a good time without worrying about the consequences, while she prefers to dream in her own world (this can be seen on her very large mount of Luna, the lower corner opposite to the thumb).

On a more positive note, their hands in general show that they are both good-looking, honest, kind-hearted and intelligent.

Their differences are probably what attracted them to each other in the first place. Chrissie and Yuri initially saw in each other what they didn't have and mistook it for love compatibility. But those differences also kept them from having a happy, long-lasting relationship.

Knowing that nobody is perfect and that opposites do attract, what could they have done differently?

Their relationship could have been an opportunity to develop qualities they were seeking. For instance, Yuri needed the refinement that Chrissie could have given him. Also, by loving him unconditionally, she could have learned that "his bark was worse than his bite". Had they listened to each other, they would have improved tremendously. They both had the perfect teacher but didn't seize the opportunity to learn. Our parents, partners and children are usually our best teachers, but it is so difficult to change!

A Relationship Reading Session can be very helpful in identifying the areas of smooth sailing and the ones that could be improved, in order to improve everyone's happiness. Then we can do the work... if we choose to!

I once read that "A problem is an opportunity in work clothes". I believe that relationships are fantastic opportunities to grow, if we let the growing happen. This way, even sandpaper and silk can interact without any damage!