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My Palmistry Teachers

Looking for a Palmistry teacher, I had discovered the Montréal Palmistry Center on a directory of associations. I had found out that its founder, Ghanshyam Singh Birla, and a few of the Center's representatives came to Toronto once a month. So I made an appointment to see Ghanshyam on their next visit.

The first person I saw when the little group arrived was the beautiful and dignified Kathy, with whom I had previously communicated by mail. As soon as she saw me, she exclaimed: "You have been here before, haven't you?" I replied politely that it was my first visit ever. Then, the cheerful and bubbly Peter, Kathy's brother, took my hand prints and, while covering my hands with black ink, he asked: "When did we last meet? I have seen you before!" I smiled and repeated what I had told Kathy. I finally met Ghanshyam, who shook my hand and kept it in his iron fist while scanning my soul with his powerful gaze. And what is the first thing he said? "I remember you. It's not your first time here, right?"

Ghanshyam and Guylaine

That day, without talking to each other, three people remembered meeting me previously, even though I had never seen any of them before, at least not in this life. So, either I had a look-alike, or they were referring to a past life. I believe it was probably a previous life, even though my memory isn't as good as theirs!

Ghanshyam has always been a mystery to me. He has the innocence and excitement of a child, combined with a depth of knowledge and a razor-sharp analytical mind that seems limitless. According to the Birla Center's website, "Ghanshyam is a world renowned Vedic palmist-astrologer with more than 60 years of training and experience in Vedic Palmistry. Ghanshyam began learning the science of Vedic palmistry and astrology when he was a young boy from his paternal Grandfather in India, who was himself a highly respected palmist, astrologer and Ayurvedic healer."

My first appointment with Ghanshyam convinced me that I definitely wanted to learn palmistry, and Kathy became my teacher. I took private lessons with her every month for about 10 years. Kathy, who has been working with Ghanshyam since 1975, is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. One of the first astro-palmists trained by Ghanshyam, she is presently Vice President of the Birla Vedic Network. You can see below her Initiation to Vedic Palmistry. To register, go to the Birla Center.

Kathy teaching the geography of the hand

Peter became my Astrology teacher many years later. Peter's quick mind and wild imagination allowed me to retain information easily, like the day he explained how, in a specific situation, Venus was trying to convince Saturn to stop for a beer! Peter has many other talents such as music and videography.

At the time I met Ghanshyam and his team, I was working in the translation department of a large accounting firm with my co-worker and dear friend Johanne. I was so enthused about palmistry and talking so much about it that Johanne decided to meet Ghanshyam... and Peter. She then joined the Birla Center in Montréal, became their official translator, webmaster, researcher, etc. and eventually married Peter! I missed Johanne when she left the translation department but, with so many talents, she was able to create so much more with the Center!

Peter, Johanne and Kathy

In 2015, I had the honor of translating Guylaine's biography in French. This book, “The Happy Palmist: My Joyful Adventure in Vedic Palmistry, rekindled my love for palmistry to such an extent that I decided to take the whole course syllabus again, on line this time, and Guylaine became my teacher from the comfort of my home. The Vedic Palmistry Diploma Program is an amazing series of classes that I highly recommend. Teaching most of the classes in French, Guylaine is the most lively teacher I have ever seen. Her funny stories always engrave the concepts of palmistry deep in my mind and soul.

I feel lucky to have had such wonderful teachers introduce me to the divine science of Palmistry, and I am especially grateful to Ghanshyam for sharing his knowledge with the world.