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Print-Taking Kit

There are many reasons why you may want to take your own handprints. A few of them are listed below. Scroll down to the bottom of this page if you want to order a print-taking kit.

A new world inside your hands

Take your own handprints and discover a new world inside your hands that is usually barely visible. When reading about palmistry, you will be able to analyze your own hands more thoroughly and more accurately.

A “snapshot” of your personality

Since hands always change – reflecting the changes happening in your life –, taking your handprints at a specific time will give you a “snapshot” of your personality then. By taking another set of prints later on, you will be able to compare prints and notice the changes.

Professional analysis by Skype

You may decide to have your handprints professionally analyzed during a Skype session. A Skype session can be done with photos of your hands or with handprints. If you have the patience to order a print-taking kit and to send your prints for analysis, you can have your Skype session done based on prints, which is a lot more accurate and will also offer an opportunity to see changes if you decide to have your prints taken later on. (Changes are a lot more difficult to see on photos.)

Gift or decoration

Handprints are beautiful and very personal. You may want to frame them, offer them as a gift to a close family member or friend, or use them as a decoration item or keepsake. The sky is the limit! Use your imagination to find interesting uses of personal handprints!

Order your Print-Taking Kit
depending on your Shipping Address

$15 USD ($12 + $3 Shipping)

United States
$17 USD ($12 + $5 Shipping)

International (All countries, except Canada and the United States)
$20 USD ($12 + $8 Shipping)

The print-taking kit includes:
- one set of 2 inked acetate sheets
- one page of instructions that need to be followed very carefully.

Each acetate sheet can be used 2 to 4 times.
The kit will be sent by regular mail.

If you want to have your hands analyzed during a Skype session: You can scan the original prints and send the scanned copies by email, or you can send the original prints by regular mail. In the PayPal instructions, specify how you intend to send your prints and which information you will need to send them (email address or street address). Please note the fee for the print-taking kit is NOT included in the fee for the Skype session

Important Information

If I am traveling in another part of the world, I may not be able to send you the kit right away. Don't worry, be patient, keep in touch and I will eventually send it!