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Safe Session Special
(during the COVID-19 period)

Safe Session Special
During this challenging COVID-19 period, enjoy a $20 discount on all Skype sessions. Instead of $120, your one-on-one palmistry session will only be $100 for one hour. VALID UNTIL MAY 31, 2020

Contact me to request a Skype Hand Reading. Pay the fee once your appointment has been confirmed.

I will ask you to send me clear photos of your hands that you can take according to the instructions below. I will also require your time, date and place of birth.

$100 US (instead of $120)

Digital Photo Requirements for a Skype Hand Reading

Three (3) samples of both hands are required for the reading. Please read those instructions carefully BEFORE you take the pictures.

First sample
First sample:
- Put your hand flat on a surface in a position that is natural for you (i.e. the fingers can be separated or held together depending on what feels right for you.) Take a photo of the back of your hand (preferably without nail polish or fake nails).

Second sample

Second sample:
- Hold your hand up, with your fingers straight, so that the photo shows the inside of your palms and your fingers.

Third sample

Third sample:
- Take a close-up picture of your palm. Make sure it shows all details (including skin ridges and small lines). Don't send any blurry pictures.

Important Tips for Photos

- Both hands can be on the same photo, or you can take a photo of each hand separately.
- The hands need to be well lighted, but not too brightly, otherwise the lines will be washed out. Soft side lighting usually shows the most details. Click here for a sample of the level of detail required.
- Make sure the camera is perpendicular to the hand, so that the length of the fingers is not distorted.
- Do not get the camera too close to the hand, which may make the picture fuzzy or distorted. Instead, use the zoom.
- Your photos should be large enough to show details (minimum width of 1000 pixels), but make sure that your whole email is no more than 10 megs.
- When sending your photos, indicate whether you are right- or left-handed, i.e. the hand you use to sign documents.