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Palm reading interview Watch Frederique giving an interview on palm reading!


Services and Products

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* In-Person Hand Reading - Session based on inked handprints, Oakville/Toronto Area - $120 for 90 minutes, including print-taking

* Skype Hand Reading - Session based on photos, or handprints (extra charge for print-taking kit), Worldwide - $120 for a one-hour session, plus emails and preparation

* Events and Parties - Oakville/Toronto Area only - Request a quote


* Print-Taking Kit - Take your own handprints with this kit - $12 (plus shipping, depending on location)


* What Should I do in my Life? It's in your hands! - $12.95 USD

* How to Score with Women - $12.95 USD

* The Secrets of Your Baby's Hands - $12.95 USD

* Evaluate Your Relationship by Looking at Your Hands - $12.95 USD