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Palm reading interview Watch Frederique giving an interview on palm reading!


Services and Products

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* In-Person Hand Reading - Session based on inked handprints, Oakville/Toronto Area - $120 for 90 minutes, including print-taking

* Skype Hand Reading - Session based on photos, or handprints (extra charge for print-taking kit), Worldwide - $120 for a one-hour session, plus emails and preparation

* Events and Parties - Oakville/Toronto Area only - Request a quote


* Print-Taking Kit - Take your own handprints with this kit - $12 (plus shipping, depending on location)


* What Should I do in my Life? It's in your hands! - $12.95 USD

* How to Score with Women - $12.95 USD

* The Secrets of Your Baby's Hands - $12.95 USD

* Evaluate Your Relationship by Looking at Your Hands - $12.95 USD

Navaratna Pendant

The illustration on the left shows different photos of me over the last 20 years. As you can see, on each one, I am wearing a silver Navaratna pendant. I have had to change the chain over time, but the pendant is still the same.

I believe that a lot of the harmony I have in my beautiful life is attributable to this pendant and to the fact that I am wearing it all the time.

According to the Vedic (Indian) tradition, the Navaratna pendant promotes health and balance by bringing simultaneously the benefits and positive influences of nine planets: Ruby (Sun), Diamond (Venus), Pearl (Moon), Red Coral (Mars), Hessonite Garnet (North Node), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Cat's Eye (South Node), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), and Emerald (Mercury).

Besides being extremely useful by improving the quality of your life, it is a gorgeous piece of jewellery. It can be worn as a pendant or as a ring, which many men may prefer.

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