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Soul Mate Compatibility? Not a Sure Thing!

Soul mate compatibility is a universal goal to anyone looking for love. As a palmist, I had always been seeking the perfectly compatible couple. And I found it! At least, I thought I did... Those two "soul mates" were lovers for three years, before they eventually married. They were so compatible, it looked to me like a match made in heaven. However, within one year, they were divorced. And my soul mate compatibility theory went down the drain!

In fact, Paul and Lisa were very compatible, but not necessarily as husband and wife.

They have quite a few features in common.

Lisa's hand print
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1. The texture - also known as "dermatoglyphics" - is the combination of all the little skin ridges covering the hole hand. When the ridges are not too close, not too far apart, like in this case, it is a balanced texture. The person is able to react to other people's behavior with sensitivity, without taking it personally. Both Paul and Lisa have this type of texture, a combination that is relatively rare.

2. The thumb - which stands for your basic instincts (love, logic and will) - looks very similar in both Paul and Lisa's hands, even though the angle made by Paul's thumb with the rest of his fingers is a bit more closed in, making him more fearful.

3. The finger tips are spatulate for both of them, suggesting they tend to express an inventive, enthusiastinc and entrepreneurial spirit.

4. The shape of the palm is also very similar, with a round Venus (ball of the thumb) making them attractive and sensual. Their Jupiter mount (the pad of flesh under the index finger) is higher than the other three finger mounts and shows that their place in society is very important to them.

The above features make Paul and Lisa behave in a similar fashion. They are both easygoing, enthusiastic, sensual and dignified. It is great for friends, but it may not be sufficient to ensure soul mate compatibility.

Paul's hand print
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A couple functions best as two positive and negative magnet poles attracting each other, as opposed as two positive poles pushing each other away. This attraction is what makes you fall in love, because you are finding the person that complements you entirely. Of course, once you realize that your "soul mate" is different from you, you then resent the fact that he or she is not more like you!

In general, the Jupiterian, dignified personality - like Paul and Lisa's - works best with a solar, sharing individual, because they complement each other like two opposite poles. Paul and Lisa were too identical. For instance, Paul expected Lisa to have children and stay home for a few years, while he would provide for his family as a hotel manager. But Lisa, a "modern" woman, wanted to pursue her own career in management and was not ready to raise children. Therefore, they were not able to function as a couple.

Their hands also reveal differences that became more obvious when their apparent "soul mate compatibility" started to crumble.

For example, Paul's heart line is long and curved, indicating an idealistic outlook of love, while Lisa's is shorter and straighter, showing a more matter-of-fact attitude. They don't express their love the same way.

The heart and head lines of Paul's hand are joined together at the origin, making him sensitive and very attached to his family's values, while those two lines are separated on Lisa's hand, implying more independence and a desire to stay away from her family.

So what is the palmistry lesson offered by Paul and Lisa's hands? Soul mate compatibility should not be an objective in itself, because it is definitely not a sure thing!

Instead, it is important to identify the various areas that a couple may have in common, as well as those that will require a bit more effort.

The key is to understand how differently your partner will behave, so that you can understand those differences without dreading them. Along the journey of your relationship, you can then learn from each other and develop within yourself the qualities you are missing, instead of trying to change your partner.

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