Palm reading interview Watch Frederique giving an interview on palm reading!


"Compared with the type of palm reading I’ve seen before, my experience with you has been completely different. It has really opened my mind, in terms of how I look at myself, my relationships and my life. It gives me new insights on what I have to do next, in a positive way.
When I was listening to your explanations, your description of me and of what I have been through was exactly right. You were talking about me through my hands and palms. Incredible!!
I am looking forward to applying all the positive suggestions that you have given me. Thank you Frederique!"
M. L.
Jakarta, Indonesia

"I just wanted to thank you for the amazing reading today! I really enjoyed it, the palms have always interested me and after what you told me today has confirmed for me just how important the information that we can find in our palms can help us on our path! Thank you again!"
Lisa Anne Rooney
Medium, Life Coach and Spiritual Counsellor
Purple Lotus

Louise Harrison, Ontario, Canada

"Frederique, thank you so much for the palmistry session you gave me. It was so detailed, informative and interesting. Who knew all that information was sitting in the palm of my hand! I was so impressed with your extensive knowledge and ability to connect it to the past, present and future events of my life. Having the diagram to take home helped me and it was great for me to refer back to. It was definitely a valuable experience."
Priya Ali
Business and Life Coach/Trainer

Effie and Leanne, Burlington, Ontario

"Having my palm read with Frederique was spiritually growing and helped me to understand myself at a much deeper level."

Sue London
Radio Host, Motivational Speaker,
Author, Coach

"I’ve always been interested in Palmistry, yet never truly understood the dynamics, other than the standard myth that palmistry is a form of fortune telling. This is NOT the case. Frederique dazzled our audience with her vast knowledge and skill pertaining to the art of palmistry, an interpretation of the hand’s lines, mounts, shape, size and so much more! Prior to our show Frederique ink-rolled our hands, pressing them onto a piece of paper to form the perfect print! My favourite part of the process, it took me back to finger-painting days when life had no worries other than how to keep the various coloured paints from getting on my clothes. This was an absolute blast! Frederique’s kind, humorous nature made her an ideal guest, and ultimately a new friend who touched my life in a very positive way. I look forward to Frederique’s return to the Ask Your Angels Talk Show, and the many new insights she’ll share as we continue to discover how our palms mirror our souls."
Christine Frances
Ask Your Angels Talk Show, Burlington, ON

Amy and Blair, Ontario, Canada

"A wonderful experience! Having Frederique use her vast skills in exploring my strengths and weaknesses was a revelation in my own life. There were certain characteristics that were confirmed and some that I would have never considered. I was at an all-time low in my life and the guidance which is on offer at one of these sessions is not only refreshing but also configures your positivity.
You have given me the ability to open doors and switch on lights and lead the life I now have the perseverance to embrace. Thank you for all your help!"

Dipal Patel
Restaurant Owner

"The palmistry session I had with Frederique was very enlightening. I came into the session not knowing what to expect, but quickly discovered that Frederique is very professional and great at what she does. I found out some things about myself that I hardly knew before!
Specifically, I now am more confident as to which path to take in my life, due to some undeniable truths she found out about me. I feel very lucky I was able to get this reading done at this stage in my life. Thanks Frederique!"

Adam Kozak
University of Toronto student
Philosophy Major

"J'ai beaucoup apprécié cette séance de chirologie: le passage de l'encre sur les mains et l'application de l'empreinte sur le papier est un acte très appaisant et a un véritable effet déstressant. Ensuite, l'interprétation faite par Frédérique m'a beaucoup apporté sur ma personnalité et mes capacités, d'autant plus qu'on a pu faire la comparaison avec mes empreintes faites il y a quelques années. J'ai été forcé de constater les différentes évolutions!
Cette séance m'a fait beaucoup de bien en tout point, physiquement et moralement!
Merci Frédérique pour le bien que tu fais autour de toi!"

Romain Charbonnel

"Frédérique possesses an astounding ability to delve into one's inner self, confidently communicating practical and easily accessible ways which will undoubtedly transform your life. Frédérique, assertive, friendly and non-judgemental, generates a most safe atmosphere in which to hold her palmistry sessions. Personally, the insights with which I have been thus far provided have greatly comforted me and allowed me to strive forward and unlock my true purpose."

Theresa K.
University Security

"I really enjoyed my session with Frédérique; she is very easy to talk to. It was interesting to learn about my lines and how they can be developed."

Julie M.