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Walt Disney
Animator, Film Producer, International Icon

Walt Disney waving
Walt Disney waving
Walt Disney is one of the most beloved and creative artist of the 20th century, as well as an international icon. Finding his actual hand prints ended up being a double-edged sword: yes, I had the prints, but the print-taking quality was pretty bad! However, those prints still reveal a lot of interesting information.

Walt Disney's left hand
Left hand
Even though Walt Disney was right-handed, I believe most of his genius cames from his left (subconscious) hand. For instance, his left hand presents a girdle of Venus - the curved line creating a half circle under his middle and ring fingers. The girdle of Venus stands for creative sensitivity, providing the ability to touch the heart of others, mostly through artistic talent. If you have ever seen Lady and the Tramp eating spaghetti, or Bambi's heart-breaking reaction after his mother's death, you know what I mean!

Walt Disney's right hand
Right hand
Another difference between his left and right hands is the head line, the horizontal line crossing the middle of the hand. It is longer on the left hand, suggesting a pioneer mind, venturing unto uncharted territories, especially at times when critics were making fun of his "little mouse with big hands and large round ears." The much shorter head line of the right hand made him concentrate more on the tangible world so that he could be successful in business.

Both hands have a very large mount of Luna, the place where we can find perception, creativity and imagination. Considering the size of this mount, Walt Disney was probably living in the world of imagination most of the time. The mount of Venus, the lower part of the thumb, is disproportionately small, implying that pleasures of the senses were not a top priority.

The angle that the thumb makes with the rest of the hand is quite narrow, revealing inhibition and a cautious attitude, which he was very good at hiding.

While the prints are unclear, the length of Walt Disney's fingers appears to be equal to the width of his palm. His energy is well directed, giving him wise judgement combined with the necessary energy to bear.

The fact that the fingers are generally leaning towards the thumb and that, on the palm, the two mounts of Jupiter (under the index finger) and Saturn (under the middle finger) are higher that the other two mounts reveals that Walt Disney was more focused on the inner world - his own aspirations and desires - meaning that his art was meant to please him first before anyone else.

Walt Disney's fingertips

The fingerprints show conic (pointed) fingertips. Those tips denote an intuitive, impulsive, quick and artistic personality. Life seems less a matter of labor than of enjoyment. The fingertips allied to the very big mounts of Luna produce a life based on imagination, art and intuition. "It's kind of fun to do the impossible," said Disney.

Walt Disney drawing Mickey Mouse
Disney drawing Mickey Mouse
Finally, on both hands, Disney has a long heart line, showing his kindness and high expectations regarding love. Reportedly, he once stated: "Let's face it - love is like everything else; if you don't have it, you can't give it." By inventing so many endearing characters, Walt Disney created a lot of love. And even though he died close to 50 years ago, he is still loved all around the world. It's a small world after all!