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Whitney Houston
Pop Music's Queen

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston’s left hand
Whitney Houston has left this world, at the age of 48. Her passing inspired me to study her hands.

Her hand shape, with a long palm and relatively short fingers, is what I call “action-oriented”. She would like to keep busy all the time, and would have difficulty catching up or doing nothing. The strong Mars galaxy gives her the amazing energy she is able to display on stage, as well as her majestic voice.

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston’s right hand
The mount of Venus, which is nice and round, conveys her remarkable beauty.

Despite drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage, Whitney’s hands show a balanced person. For instance, there is balance in length between her index (Jupiter) and ring (Sun) fingers, as well as in the beautiful quadrangle formed by her head line and her heart line that allow her to use her intuition.

However, on both hands – she is right-handed – we can see that both Jupiter and Sun are bending towards Saturn, the middle finger. It is as if she didn’t believe in her success and was always wondering whether something bad could happen.

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston clapping
Her life and head line start high on her hand, making her relatively controlling of others. Also those two lines are joined at the origin, at least until she was around 20, which shows she was highly influenced by her family and its values. Her mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston, taught her how to sing at an early age, along with her cousin Dionne Warwick and her godmother Aretha Franklin.

Whitney’s life line is very straight and is going down to Luna. She may have made her life more complicated than it needed to be. The fact that the line is going to Luna indicates that she needed excitement, which she most likely found in drugs.

The fingers offer an interesting combination of prominent knuckles with spatulate tips and pronounced waist of the base phalanges of Saturn and Sun, which suggests an obsessive-compulsive personality, also prone to addictions.

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston’s knuckles and fingernails
Her fan-shaped fingernails gave her a desire to share and accomplish, but the narrow base didn’t provide the nervous resistance to carry out her actions peacefully. She may have been prone to impatience, defensiveness and anxiety.

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston’s handprints
Therefore, Whitney’s hands show a blend of great talent mixed with personal difficulties. This allowed her to rise to stardom and, in 2009, the Guinness World Records cited her as the most-awarded female act of all time.

Whitney, you left too soon but, as we keep listening to your recording, we “will always love you…”